Sinc needed a campaign to explain to the market what was the meaning of its name: synchronization. We also wanted to show that we are a digital agency and that technology plays a huge part in every Brazilians life.

The concept of synchronization was introduced through the images of:

a priest and his iPod.

Call girls contact stickers placed on a payphone (their most common ad system in Brazil) introducing twitter, orkut and youtube links instead of simply giving away their phone numbers.

Cyber Cafés (in Brazil called "Lan Houses") that allow the lower class population to access internet and its social medias without owning a computer, by renting a machine for a specific period of time.


For the entrance door of Sinc, we developed a sticker with Che Guevara's famous quote, but slightly altered to fit interactivity: "One must be tough without ever loosing the tenderness" to "One must be tough without ever loosing the interactivity".



Agency: Sinc Digital
Creative Director: Fabio Maca, Alon Sochaczewski
Associate Creative Director: Daniel Ottoni
Art Director: Daniel Ottoni
Copywriter: Fabio Maca, Felipe Cotta
Photographer: Valentino Fialdini